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Kingpins Show is an initiative
of Olah Inc

Kingpins Show


New standards in indigo innovation

WINK warmly introduces The Kingpins Show.  A long-term partner that has literally become one of the family.

Entrusting us not to drop their beautiful blue baby for the past eight years, our journey has been about shaping and co-creating a refreshed identity for these global trade event masters and single biggest facilitators of the denim community. 

Working tirelessly as a team effort to redefine and evolve the show blueprint to support a sustainable future for the industry. 
Building and elevating its online profile to continuously support tangible ideas and initiatives that elevate an even greater tribe of people. 

Continuing to refresh the spirit of the shows and creating a place where everyone loves to be, not has to be… With our aim to always improve and the hunger to get it ‘righter’. This is not just another trade show…