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Budweiser is a brand
of Anheuser-Busch InBev



Reel to Real Series

Hits, exclusives, and good stories. Budweiser Rewind brings the music you love and stories you’ve never heard. A unique interactive music and storytelling series, streaming live to fans around the world.


Create a global interactive digital music experience... And go live in a week.


An uplifting, interactive music series with iconic artists rewinding on their legacy by playing their greatest hits and covers that influenced their journey, sharing stories of transformational moments to celebrate and inspire the world. Translating cassette tapes into vintage vibes for concept, visual identity & motion graphics and using fan interaction as a kick-starter for experience design, social media strategy & execution.


A global live stream concert that was bringing good times and uniting viewers across the world. The first episode with Black Eyed Peas performing live from Los Angeles was streamed over 6,5 million times.