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BUDX is going all out for Super Bowl 2020. An unforgettable weekend curating the stories of creators from all over the world via a progressive program of events where international celebrities and cultural influencers could meet, affiliate, discover, and share while experiencing the world’s most-watched sporting event. Aimed at breaking down boundaries between different artistic principles and physical disciplines, embracing the spirit of collaboration to empower others and reflect upon local urban culture.



Build a platform that allows Budweiser to collaborate with influential creators within the music, fashion, art, or sports industry that have a community of followers. Through these collaborations with true “kings of culture”, Budweiser inspires others to “Be A King”, encouraging individuals to express themselves with confidence and break barriers and stereotypes.


Establishing various event entities included a 360º hotel take-over and a waterfront mansion party that proudly welcomed world stage and sound heroes - De La Soul, Channel Tres, Black Eyed Peas, Halsey, and Diplo. Giving the stage to 200 Kings of Culture from 21 countries for the sake of cross-pollination and inspiration.


Creating epic experiences and a platform for genuine engagement in the most Instagrammable of ways. Bringing together 200 ‘Kings of Culture’ from over 21 countries. Don’t you love team sports!


Ben Houdijk




Experiential Winner | EX Awards | 2020

Gold & Silver | Best Event World Awards | 2020

Grand Prix | Best Live Experience Agency| Global Eventex Awards 2022

2x Gold & Silver | Global Eventex Awards | 2021