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Eastpak ia a brand of 
VF Corporation



Virtual backpacking tour

FW20 brings Eastpak’s sales presentations to Athens, and we are not complaining (there’s a pool). It’s product launch time and a moment for marketing and sales teams to come together to digest the new collection direction and re-baptize themselves in cool, calming waters of brand knowledge.



Re-think the perimeters of presentations. Create an unexpected immersive showcase that surprises guests and emphasizes the inspirations that influence design.


Rethinking the concept of space itself, we set about delivering something above and beyond what was done before. Working to make few materials go that little bit further. Leading teams on a highly explore-able visual, virtual adventure as they backpacked through digital landscapes and discovered new territories. Creating some cool AF content as we conquered.


Delivered a loud and clear brand message in an inspiring, fully immersive environment that captured the spirit of now in some kick-ass content that would live long into the later.

Photography & Video


“WINK’s strength is to design 
tailor-made creative concepts, and then realize them within time and budget. With their great consistent follow up and great eye for detail they are a professional, trustworthy and fun partner.”
Femke Brouns, Senior Brand Marketing Manager EMEA
Eastpak, VF Corporation