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Moët Hennessy


Putting the art in Ruinart

An artist collaboration shot with taste and purpose. WINK captured renowned visual artist B.D. Graft's hand painted limited edition magnums of Moet Hennessey’s Ruinart champagne to promote the brand at PAN Amsterdam, a leading international art fair. 

“My artworks are reminders to take care of nature” 
– B.D. Graft

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Art isn’t just in the name, it’s in its DNA. Ruinart is a renowned champagne house from global purveyors of excellence in effervescence, Moët Hennessey. With a historic pedigree, the brand has a longstanding commitment to the world of the arts and our environment.

For PAN Amsterdam, a famous fine arts fair held annually, the brand wanted to capture a unique moment to entice visitors to its presence and bring its heritage arts and sustainability identity to life – its collaboration with the German-Dutch artist BD Graft. An artist who stands out for his clear, bright visual style that harnesses themes of natural beauty in every element.

WINK shot the artist in his Amsterdam residence, capturing his feelings and inspirations behind the work for a short film that was premiered online and at the art fair. 

Ruinart X B.D.Graft - Studio Composition Bottles (Ashkan Mortezapour Photography) (21 of 22)


Made as ‘reminders’ to take care of nature, and paragons of appreciating the finer things in life, the bottles were put on display proudly in Ruinart’s PAN Amsterdam lounge and silently auctioned to raise a noteworthy amount for SOS Bos, an initiative of WWF.  

That’s real champagne socialism for you.

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