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Dare to Dream

Who is brave enough to open up and share their dream with the world? Using personalization as scale, we came up with the idea of a customizable dream bottle as a vehicle for dreams to be shared and claimed by the gutsy Bud fan.  

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A testimony to human nature, guts, and glory, Bud’s dream bottle is a playful invitation to live up to our inner dreams. Inspired by the idea that great things can happen when dreams are shared, WINK came up with the idea for a Dare to Dream campaign that energized people to seize opportunities and fulfil their most cherished desire.

The online bottle configurator helped create over 10,000 bottles. Each dream bottle features a unique dream in the crest label and picture. The three contestants with the most elusive wish were awarded a 25K price money to realize the dream.

The successful 360 campaign, which increased the brand’s market share by 50%, included a microsite, enhanced by social media and influencer campaigns. Making use of CGI technology and DOOH accelerated the pace with which dreams were unleashed into the real world.

Dream bottles were sold both online and in stores. A direct invitation to step up and own your dream, the dream bottle’s inspiring messages reached many more hearts and souls, encouraging others to dare to dream, too.




The Netherlands

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